In mid-May I was headed to the park in my neighborhood. In preparation of crossing the street, I looked both ways, proceeded to cross the street, and out of nowhere, I was hit by a car. That is all that I remember…the rest I was told by a good samaritan who observed the accident. I was hit on the left side and flew to the street, landing on my right side. I was diagnosed with a dislocated left shoulder, whiplash, my entire right side and leg were bruised, and I had a back injury. I started physical therapy and massage therapy at Colorado Injury Treatment Center. It was a rough start due to the pain I was in. The massages were great to help me relax before physical therapy. Initially, I was in pain from head to toe. I was given exercises to do at home. I would come in two times per week and got hooked on the specialized physical therapy. I went from a pain level of 10 to a pain level of 2. The rest is up to me to continue my exercises. Thank you Colorado Injury Treatment Center!