aline orthotics for foot pain relief Aurora

ALINE Orthotics

Do you wear your sneakers, golf shoes, cycling shoes or running shoes straight out of the box?  Did you know that the insoles in most off of the shelf shoes provide very little functional benefit?  They certainly aren’t built to be specific to your feet!

ALINE insoles are customized to your feet to help align your body to reduce pain and optimize performance. ALINE insoles can help with shin splints, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, IT band pain, hip pain, and even back pain. Many times the pain that shows up in one part of your body, for example, your low back, can be caused by poor alignment of your feet. ALINE insoles have gel in the heel to absorb shock, ribs in the midsole that help to absorb, transmit and reflect energy, and suspension zones that align your lower body.

ALINE makes insoles for cycling, golf, work and general activity.  ALINE insoles, unlike custom made orthotics, can be washed. If you are active, this is a huge benefit.  ALINE insoles are used by over 200,000 people to achieve better movement through their insoles. Perhaps even more impressive, they are used by over 1,000 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, hockey, skiing, cycling, and golf.  Some of the more well-known athletes that are using ALINE are Spartan race athlete April Dee and X-Games snowboarder Louie Vito.

At Colorado Injury Treatment Center we have ALINE Certified Experts on staff.  Our qualified experts will take you through the ALINE Quality Steps Assessment to determine the perfect customized insole for your feet.  This assessment includes a laser lower body alignment assessment, custom fitting and a range of motion assessment.

If you are ready for your feet and lower body to feel better while you are performing your sport, call us today to schedule your ALINE Quality Steps Assessment.  The assessment and consultation typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. For more information, contact our physical therapists at  Aurora, CO center.