Patient Testimonials

  • When I first started physical and massage therapy I couldn’t lift heavy stuff, walk, sleep, sit or stand for long periods of time. It was really difficult to do anything, but now thanks to my therapist I’m able to go on with my normal life and routine as usual.  The ladies at CITC are friendly and nice.  I love their sense of humor and it is one great place to be get treated.  The receptionist works with your time schedule.  I would recommend this treatment clinic over another place any day.  If I was to need more treatment ever again this is the place I would ask to go to.  Hopefully, I can come to get some treatment or massage just for fun and not because I am injured.  I also plan on just stopping by to say hi because they are great and to keep telling them THANKS!


  • The STAFF is wonderful and caring. The massage and physical therapy are helpful to me. I am thankful for the staff.


  • Awesome people. Great environment. Leslie is the best!!

    Lindsey R.

  • I was diagnosed, treated, and left pain-free and with stretches to help with my shoulder recovery. Great care! Great staff!

    Joseph B.

  • The staff is really friendly and they were very helpful. The therapist and masseuse were very nice,made the recovery alot faster.

    Guadalupe B.

  • Jamie was great in helping rehab my knee. Very relaxing environment. I went a few years with steady pain in my knee prior to getting it looked at and Jamie was able to find the problem and address it almost immediately. I don’t usually write reviews but she was great! Highly recommend.

    Josh S.

  • Nothing but the best. I’ve had worse injuries in the past, than I’m dealing with now, and I was never taken care of this well. The massage therapy aloneness over the top!

    David S.

  • Very friendly staff. The therapists know what they are doing. I’ve had long existing injuries that Jaimie was able to pinpoint and teach me how to correct and strengthen when others just told me to stretch. You won’t be in a room working by yourself while your therapist makes “rounds.” They stay with you the whole time.

    Juliet G.

  • Therapists and staff are very professional, pleasant and thorough. Always ready to answer any of my questions and give me an understandable answer.
    I can almost say I can wait to get hurt again, almost….

    Miguel M.

  • Had a great experience at therapy. Over the time I was in therapy I could tell that my hand was getting better.

    Colten L.

  • I highly recommend Dr. Swanson for any of your PT needs and always refer my friends to come here. I have been coming here since my XTERRA racing days. Every time something is bothering me, I skip my regular Dr and come to see Dr. Swanson. She always successfully pinpoints what the cause of the issue is within a few minutes and then works with me to fix it. At one point I had a hamstring issue that had been plaguing my running for a few years. I finally went to Dr Swanson to see if she could fix it. It took a few months of work but I can now run without any pain or tightness and recently completed a 13 mile trail race and felt great!

    Melissa G.

  • When I first arrived at Colorado Injury Treatment Center on January 4, 2018 I was in really bad shape. I had major pain all over my body. My back was in constant and growing pain, I had trouble walking due to the severe pain in both my knees, I had headaches constantly, and due to the accident my vision was also imparied. I began my care twice a week and felt very welcomed. The staff was always happy and concerned about my progress. My physical therapists, Leslie and Jaime, really listened to my concerns and catered to my abilities as needed. They were always pleasant and helpful. My massage therapists, Alexis and Jesse, have helped me feel muscle relief throughout my entire body. I have had great improvement in my balance and strength, and relief with the pain and stiffness in my neck, back, and knees. I was always reminded of my next appointments by the front desk, and greeted kindly. I have had a fantastic experience with this staff. Thank you!


  • I was rear-ended by a semi on April 25, 2018. I could not work out, rock climb, ride my bike, work or exercise in any way for the first 6-8 weeks after the accident. I was constantly in pain and sore. Over the period of time that I went to Colorado Injury Treatment Center, I started to return to normal. They have helped me a lot. I had been really cautious of any activities due to being worried about injuring myself more. Lately, I have been able to workout and rock climb without pain or stiffness. Now, everything seems to be returning back to normal.


  • In mid-May I was headed to the park in my neighborhood. In preparation of crossing the street, I looked both ways, proceeded to cross the street, and out of nowhere, I was hit by a car. That is all that I remember…the rest I was told by a good samaritan who observed the accident. I was hit on the left side and flew to the street, landing on my right side. I was diagnosed with a dislocated left shoulder, whiplash, my entire right side and leg were bruised, and I had a back injury. I started physical therapy and massage therapy at Colorado Injury Treatment Center. It was a rough start due to the pain I was in. The massages were great to help me relax before physical therapy. Initially, I was in pain from head to toe. I was given exercises to do at home. I would come in two times per week and got hooked on the specialized physical therapy. I went from a pain level of 10 to a pain level of 2. The rest is up to me to continue my exercises. Thank you Colorado Injury Treatment Center!