Our Practice

Our Goal is Your Most Complete Relief & Recovery.

Colorado Injury Treatment Center is a privately owned outpatient physical therapy and massage therapy clinic. At Colorado Injury Treatment Center, our goal above all else is to get you back to doing whatever it is that you love to do without using surgeries or pain medications. We specialize in manual physical therapy and massage therapy. We want you to be able to get the most out of life – without pain! With this always in mind, here is how we help people.

Individualized Care

Just as you’re unique, so is your injury, pain or impairment… and our care. We start with an in-depth evaluation to completely understand your individual needs. We then develop a customized plan for you.  As you progress in your recovery, we will modify it to continue challenging your body to get back to optimal performance.

Multidisciplinary & Evidence-Based Methods

We believe in doing what the evidence shows will provide results. This is why we combine a wide range of techniques and therapies from a variety of disciplines. We require our therapists to continue broadening their skill sets to make sure that they are at the cutting edge of therapy research and application. This ensures that we are using the best methods that are proven to work to treat our client’s injuries and get them back to doing what they love as fast as possible. Because of this, and depending on your needs and your doctor’s recommendations, you’re likely to receive a combination of therapies, because it works.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Because we specialize in a diverse range of treatment options, we not only have more services but can provide them without additional visits… or a referral elsewhere. We understand that leaving work or school to come to therapy can be inconvenient. We have found that by having multiple treatment options available to our clients, we can optimize the time you spend at therapy and can accelerate your recovery. The faster we can get you back to doing what you love to do, the better! Close collaboration lets us do more and address issues on the spot, share information, seek additional input and have a team of people looking out for your health.


Communication is essential to the success of your care. In addition to sharing information with one another, Colorado Injury Treatment Center’s therapists keep you informed and encourage you to always be open, honest and direct with us. We also proactively keep your doctor informed and consult with him or her when needed.


You are the most important person involved in your recovery. Which is why we emphasize patient education. We educate you about your injury, your treatment or therapy, why it works and what you need to do to maximize your results and avoid injury. We provide home exercise prescriptions to accelerate your recovery – and we encourage an atmosphere of accountability for completing those exercises.