Sport and Spine Therapy and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

At Colorado Injury Treatment Center our goal is to help you get the most out of your lifestyle.  One of our specialties is treating sports and spine related injuries.  We take a full body approach to diagnosing your injury and prescribing treatment.  We only use evidence based therapies and we make sure that you understand everything there is to know about your injury and our plan for rehabilitating it.  We understand that injuries are inconvenient and sometimes scary and we go out of our way to create a comfortable and collaborative environment for your recovery.

To learn more about our sports therapy and rehabilitation, click here or call us at 303-745-0803.

Rehabilitation of Spine and Back Injuries

Spine and back injuries can be some of the most painful and life altering injuries you will ever have.  We understand how painful and disruptive these injuries can be.  That is why our therapists are passionate about helping you recover from these types of injury.  At CITC, we have therapists who specialize in back and spine related injuries.  We combine the latest in proven clinical research with our own extensive experience with backs to heal your injury quickly and completely.  To learn more about our ability to heal your back or spine injury, call us at 303-745-0803.

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

We are very successful at returning our patients to their pre-injury capabilities, and often to an even better physical state.  We also have a proven track record of achieving full recovery of chronic injuries that have plagued people for months and even years.  You can read about some of our success stories by clicking here.

Patient Forms

Colorado Injury Patient Forms

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Home Exercise Programs

Colorado Injury Treatment Home Expercise Programs

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Colorado Injury Treatment FAQs

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