Payment Options

Health Insurances

We work very hard to make sure that we can accept all major insurances. We have become preferred providers for most major insurance plans in the past 18 months. When you call us to set up an appointment you can provide us with your information and we will work with your insurance company prior to your visit to obtain authorization. Click here to see the insurance plans that we accept.

Workers Compensation

We work with injured workers who have coverage for their claims through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. With workers compensation, prior authorization is usually required by the insurance companies before therapies can begin. We will work with you and the insurance company to obtain the authorization quickly in order to begin your treatments

Med Pay (Auto Insurance)

We work with auto insurances for any patient involved in a motor vehicle accident and who want their auto insurance billed. Prior to therapy beginning, we will verify with the insurance carrier that there is a med pay policy and if there are any available funds. Making sure that there are still funds available will insure that the patient will not be billed personally for the treatments. Although, any balance that is not covered by med pay will be billed to the patient and is the patients responsibility to pay.

Self Payment

We welcome any patients who may not have health insurance, or are willing to pay for medical care out of pocket. There may also be cases where your particular insurance is not one of our accepted insurances. In these cases we are happy to see patients who have to pay for their therapy out of pocket. Please contact our office at 303-745-0803 for more information about our competitive prices and exceptional services. We accept payment via cash, check, and most major credit cards.

Patient Forms

Colorado Injury Patient Forms

Download and fill out your new-patient information and other forms as needed for your convenience.

Home Exercise Programs

Colorado Injury Treatment Home Expercise Programs

Lose or forget your home-based therapy exercises? Need a refresher? Click here for our library of exercises.


Colorado Injury Treatment FAQs

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